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Equimins Equi Red

Equimins Equi Red

Equi Red is a liquid vitamin, iron and mineral horse supplement.

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• Liquid
• Contains chelated vitamins
• Contains minerals
• No banned substances
• Homogenised with Dextrose and Honey
• Easily absorbed
• Palatable

This liquid supplement from Equimins will be quickly absorbed into the horses bloodstream as it is homogenised with Dextrose and honey. Equi Red is free from prohibited substances as defined by Jockey Club Rules and also the FEI so is suitable for horses in training. It will supplement your horse during training with essential vitamins, iron and minerals.

Feeding instructions:

Feed to horses in training 60ml per day.
Horses not in training 30ml per day.
This liquid can be added to the horses feed or orally by syringe.
Shake bottle before use.

Vitamin A 900,000 iu/kg Vitamin K 85 mg/kg Copper 1,500 mg/kg
Vitamin D3 200,000 iu/kg Folic Acid 400mg/kg Cobalt 100mg/kg
Vitamin E 2000 mg/kg Biotin 34mg/kg Potassium 4000 mg/kg Vitamin B1 2000 mg/kg Choline 7000 mg/kg Sulphur 9000 mg/kg
Vitamin B2 1000 mg/kg Pantothenic Acid 2000 mg/kg Magnesium 700 mg/kg Vitamin B6 500mg/kg Iron 10,000 mg/kg Manganese 1200 mg/kg Vitamin B12 5000 mg/kg Nicotinic Acid 500mg/kg Zinc 4000 mg/kg.

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