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Allen and Page Dry Goat Mix

Small Holder Range Dry Goat Mix

Allen & Page Dry Goat Mix is unmolassed yet still high in energy, making it suitable for goats of all ages and a range of life stages.

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o Unmolassed dry mix
o Provides high energy levels
o Suitable for goats of all ages
o High quality non-GM ingredients
o Approved by Vegetarian Society

Allen & Page Dry Goat Mix is fully balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals, to support the overall health of your goat. It is unmolassed but high in energy making it suitable for goats of all ages, particularly goats in the latter stages of pregnancy and breeding billies. Dry Goat Mix should be fed in addition to good quality hay or roughage, which is an essential part of your goats diet and needs to make up the basis of their feeding. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.

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