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Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Supplement

Carr & Day & Martin Daily Hoof Supplement

This is an easy to feed proven to be effective pelleted hoof supplement from Carr & Day & Martin.

Price: £39.10

If you are looking for an easy to feed daily hoof supplement then Cornucrescine from Carr & Day & Martin will be just what you need. As it is in a pelleted form it can be fed easily on its own by hand or added to your horses feed. It contains all the ingredients that will help to grow a healthy hoof.You will see the results in about 3 months but as the hoof only grows 1cm a month it may take a year before the complete hoof is strengthened.

The following are the contents and their uses.

Biotin, organic zinc, methionine, AlavisTM methyl sulhponyl methane (MSM) which are the essential nutrients for building the structure of the hoof.

Magnesium and Iodine are added to support a horses metabolism especially if he is prone to laminitis.

Soya and Soya protein add calcium and protein for the strength of the inner hoof.

Yea-Sacc helps in the absorption of the nutrients and supports the digestive system.
Vitamin C, Manganese, Selenium, Copper and Zinc all support a healthy hoof and make up for any deficiencies.

Feeding Instructions:
Large horse over 750kg - 3 scoops daily
Average horse 500kg - 2 scoops daily
Pony 250kg - 1 scoop daily

This product can be fed continually all year round.
A 6kg tub will last an average horse 30 days.