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N.A.F D Itch

NAF D-Itch

D-Itch is a very effective NAF product which will help to relieve the symptoms of skin irritations.

Price: £29.50

• Supports the horses natural defences
• Fights Spring and Summer irritations
• Blend of antioxidants
• Supports healthy skin

This NAF supplement has been developed to help horses who suffer from skin irritations often caused by midges and flies. D-Itch helps to support the horses natural defences,it contains a unique blend of antioxidants that will get rid of the build up of toxins. Herbs and nutrients are included to support strong healthy skin. It is recommended that D-Itch should be fed as part of the individual horses management programme for symptoms of irritation.

Stabling your horse or pony at dawn and dusk and not turning out near standing water are recommendations for those who suffer from skin irritation caused by midge bite.
Feeding Instructions:

Horses and ponies - Loading period - 7 to 14 days - 52g per day (4 scoops)
Maintenance 26-39g per day (2-3 scoops)
Low Maintenance 13g per day (1 scoop)

Ideally feed in Spring prior to insect problems and whenever needed.

Licorice, Bitter orange peel (ripe), Ginger, Glutamine, Thorwax, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Garlic (dried), Ginseng (Panax), Milk Thistle seeds, Omicha berries, Skullcap.
Analysis - Protein 18.5%, Fat 2.3%, Ash 4.4%, Crude Fibre 14.5%, Sodium 880mg/kg.