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Spillers Conditioning Cubes

Spillers Conditioning Cubes

Condition Safely - Improve topline without excitability

Price: £11.96

SPILLERS® Conditioning Feeds are the ultimate bodybuilding feeds, ideal for horses and ponies that tend to be excitable on traditional conditioning feeds.

SPILLERS® Conditioning Cubes & SPILLERS® Conditioning Mix are almost identical in their formulation, but we recognise some horses and ponies have a preference for either cubes or mix so we have made both forms available.

Benefits of SPILLERS® Conditioning Feeds
High oil and controlled starch levels help to achieve the desired condition without fizz
Good quality protein from soya to support muscle tone and topline
Contain soya oil for non-heating* calories and excellent coat condition
A full complement of vitamins and minerals to support long term well-being
Both feeds are suitable for horses competing under FEI or Jockey Club rules
* A non-heating feed is one that is less likely to produce excitable behaviour in some horses and ponies when fed at the recommended rate.