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Dodson & Horrell Competition/Eventer Cubes

Dodson & Horrell Competition/Eventer Cubes

Competition Eventer Cubes are very popular feed for competitive horses as it is a good source of fast release energy.

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• High source of fuel for competitive horses
• Energy from cereals and oats
• Increased levels of minerals
• Contains electrolytes
• Antioxidants
• B vitamins

This cube has been developed by Dodson and Horrell to provide a high energy source for horses and ponies in hard competitive work. Competition Eventer Cubes contain cereals and oats which provide this energy and contains increased levels of minerals and also tailored electrolytes for hydration which a competitive horse will need for hydration and recovery after competition or training.

When working out the quantities of feed required take into account if your horse loses wait then extra feeds may be required of possibly a change to Microfeed.