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Kong Classic

Kong Classic

The Classic Kong toy is perfect for the average chewer. It can be stuffed with treats or tasty pastes to keep your dog entertained for longer periods of time.

Price: From £5.09

• Ideal for average chewers
• Unique Kong shape - unpredictable bounce
• Stuff with treats and tasty pastes
• Range of sizes available
• Recommended by vets, dog trainers and enthusiasts
• Made in USA

The Classic Kong has a unique shape that makes it great for fun games of fetch, creating unpredictable bouncing patterns to keep your dog engaged. They are made from the original and durable Kong rubber that is perfect for the average chewer. Many Veterinarians, dog trainers and enthusiasts recommend the Classic Kong as a training aid and to help with behavioural issues.

You can stuff the Classic Kong with a range of treats and delicious pastes, maybe some peanut butter to keep your dog entertained for longer! A range of sizes are available to suit the size of your dog.

Choosing the right size!

Small Kong - Dogs up to 9kg

Medium Kong - Dogs from 7-16kg.

Large Kong - Dogs from 13-30kg.

X-Large Kong - Dogs from 27-41kg.

If you find your dog chews through the size you choose too easily, you may need to go up a size or two or opt for one of the Kong Extreme products. If damaged remove and replace the toy immediately.