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Kong Extreme

Kong Classic Extreme

Kong Extreme is in the classic Kong shape made from the most durable rubber in the Kong range, perfect for large and extra large dogs who love to chew!

Price: From £8.59

• Extra durable rubber
• Fill with treats or paste
• Unique shape - unpredictable bounce!
• Reduces boredom
• Different sizes available to suit the size of your dog
• Recommended for powerful chewers
• Durable rubber
• Made in USA

The Kong Extreme is a tougher version of the Classic Kong, made from durable black rubber perfect for powerful chewers. You can stuff the Kong Extreme with treats or different pastes, even peanut butter to keep your dog occupied for longer, relieving boredom and separation anxiety, keeping them entertained for longer periods of time.

They come in different sizes for the large and extra large dog, catering for their specific size and strength. It is ideal for games of fetch with the unique shape creating an unpredictable bounce to keep your dog interested and engaged.
A tough and durable toy that you can stuff and throw for fun games of fetch, perfect for the larger dog offering long lasting play and enjoyment.