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Suregrow CSM Paddock Fertiliser

Suregrow CSM

Suregrow CSM improves grass quality, soil structure and root development, without having to remove your horse from the paddock!

Price: £19.80

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o Contains over 70 minerals and trace elements
o Contains calcified seaweed
o Improves grass quality, soil structure and root development
o Stimulates root development and strength giving a denser sward
o Improves the mineral and trace element content which will contribute to horsehealth
o Helps to reduce soil acidity - improving palatability of the grass
o No need to remove horses during application providing grass length is more
than 50mm
o Can be spread by hand (wearing of gloves for sensitive skin is advisable)
o Available in 20kg bags

CSM is a granular blend of Calcified Seaweed, Sun Dried Sea Salt and a source of Magnesium, providing high levels of Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium and Chloride and over 70 minerals and trace elements. CSM encourages root development, improves the eating quality of the grass and acts as a soil conditioner which results in a denser more vibrant turf, contributing to your horse's health. Ideal for optimising the quality and consistency of your paddocks grass throughout the seasons.