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HyClass Premium Breastplate
HyClass Premium Breastplate
Hy CLASS Premium Breastplate

Hy CLASS Premium Breastplate

Premium Breastplate is made from best quality leather and has soft sheepskin to avoid rubs.

Price: £115.20

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• Quality leather
• 5 Point attachment
• Elastic webbing
• Padded at the withers
• Running martingale attachment
• Adjustable buckle
• Clip fastening

A Premium Breastplate a HY quality products. Made from best quality leather with 5 point attachment. There is soft sheepskin added for comfort for your horse and to avoid rubs. The elasticated webbing allows for movement and the strap across the withers is padded. There is a removable running martingale attachment. Adjustment is made by buckle straps for a good fit and clips for ease of use.