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Equine America Better Bones 3.5kg

Equine America Better Bones

Better Bones is a supplement that supports and encourages healthy bone development, preventing deficiencies which may lead to further health problems.

Price: £34.77

• Provides essential Vitamins and minerals for strong and healthy bones
• Combine with Cortaflex for ultimate bone and joint protection
• Supports consistent and healthy growth in young horses
• Ideal for performance, breeding and young horses, as well as those recovering from bone injury
• Easy to feed

The skeletal system is vital in supporting muscles and tendons, protecting vital organs as well as storing essential minerals. It is important to ensure bones are kept strong and healthy, without vital minerals and vitamins, deficiencies are likely to occur leading to many further health issues.

Better bones supplement is ideal for feeding to young stock to ensure good consistent growth and to prevent any abnormalities.

Containing Silicon, Dicalcium, phosphate and magnesium, better bones provides the essential minerals for optimum bone health.

With greater levels of exercise the bones will continually adapt and become denser at points of stress to cope with the demand put on them. Better bones supplement helps to support dense bones, strengthening them further.

This palatable feed supplement will benefit performance horses, breeding stock and young developing horses. Better bones can also be fed to a horse recovering from a bone injury, to support the healing and repair process.

Combine both Better Bones with Cortaflex to achieve the ultimate in bone and joint protection and support for your horse.