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Stihl BR 200 Blower

STIHL BR 200 Blower

The BR 200 Backpack Blower is designed to clear larger areas, ideal for garden and home use with the power and performance of a professional machine.

Price: £390.00

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• Powerful and convenient
• For large areas around the garden
• Comfortable and easy to use
• Lightweight

The BR 200 Petrol Backpack blower is perfect for demanding home use, powerful enough to stand up to any garden tasks, with a range of Stihl features for performance and ease of use.

• Compact and lighter design
• Anti-vibration system
• Catalytic converter
• Simple starting system
• 2-MIX engine technology
• locking throttle with stop button
• Carry handle

The BR 200 Backpack Petrol Blower provides the home user with the power of a professional machine, using the efficient Stihl 2-MIX engine technology for lower emissions, whilst producing excellent power levels and high levels of torque, for optimum performance. The addition of an efficient catalytic converter helps to further reduce emissions, converting exhaust pollutants into less harmful gases.

For easy control and overall operation the BR 200 Backpack features a multi function handle, allowing the user to control the blower without ever needing to remove their hand from the handle. A locking throttle with stop button, means the user can maintain the engine speed and stop the engine easily. The starting system has been simplified to promote easier starting, enabling you to get on without having to struggle to start the engine.