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Gallagher B80

Gallagher B80

Gallagher PowerPlus B80 is suitable to use with any animals as it powers up to 7km of wire.

Price: £165.00

• Fast, simple and up to date status checking.
• Works with a 12v battery.
• Charging energy 0.60 Joules.
• Suitable for fencing up to 7km (single line).
• Fitted with LED output voltage indicator for a quick check of the fence voltage.
• 3 position switch: off, full power and battery check.

The B80 is a reliable and compact new electric fence energiser to use with 12V leisure batteries and also up to date replacement to the Battery Master model. The LEDS on this battery will help you to monitor it and the output voltage. It will show red if the current in the fencing is to low and green when OK.

This PowerPlus is easy to use with a convenient carry/mounting handle and is operated by a switch with 3 settings: off, full power and battery charge level check.

This can also be used with solar panel connected to battery. Supplied with fence and earth cables.

Output Voltage (V) - 7.5
Voltage with 500 Ohm (V) - 3.8
Stored Energy (J) - 0.82
Output Energy (J) - 0.6
Weight (KG) - 1.14
Max Current Consumption (W) 80mA