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Global Herbs Alphabute

Global Herbs Alphabute

For instant soundness and comfort. Works in one hour soothing muscle and joints like no other supplement. Contains no Devils Claw.

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Alphabute powder is a much more potent alternative to Devils Claw based supplements. Provides nutritional help in only a few hours. Ideal for use with MoveFree and StrongBone during the course of a herbal regime for the joints. Also important for muscle and tendon and back comfort.

Ease away your horse's troubles. Contains no phenylbutazone

Start feeding Bute-X 1-2 hours before required effect.

Can be used just for one day or continuously for many months.

When to use Alphabute
1. Whenever your horse is uncomfortable and restless in the limbs and muscles. 2. After a fall or when travelling has been traumatic.
3. After hard exercise for easy recovery.
4. In conjunction with MoveFree liquid.

Directions for Use:
5-15g twice daily per 500kg horse.