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Prolite All-in-One Numnah

Prolite All-in-One Numnah

Prolite All-in-one Numnah offers protection from impact and pressure points, helping to vastly increase comfort levels for your horse allowing them to focus.

Price: £79.00

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Key Features:

• 3 in 1 protection
• Impact absorption from rider movement and blows to the horse's back
• Disperses pressure points
• Remains still against the skin, absorbing lateral movement
• Stitched on girth keeper and adjustable girth strap
• Perforated pressure relief pad, allows air flow
• Machine washable and quick drying

The Prolite All-in-one Numnah provides relief from the pressure and impact associated with riding and the saddle. The numnah has three different protective benefits the first being impact protection, absorbing strikes or shock to the horse's back from the rider's movement.

The second benefit is the pressure point dispersion; the numnah spreads the impact across a wider area, lessening the impact that reaches the horse. The third protective quality of the Prolite All-in-one Numnah is the lateral movement absorption. This is where the numnah helps to reduce movement which may cause rubbing or friction, staying still next to the horse's skin.

The pad incorporated into the Prolite All-in-one numnah absorbs a minimum of 25% peak pressure experienced by the horse when being ridden. This reduces the stress felt by the horse enabling them to focus and perform comfortably.

The Prolite numnah also features a stitched on girth keeper to feed the girth through, keeping it in the correct place. The adjustable girth straps also help to keep the numnah in place, fastening round the girth straps.