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Global Herbs Airway Plus Powder

Global Herbs AirwayPlus Powder

Feed supplement for horses for clear chests and throats. Soothes and helps clear airways in all conditions. Quick action.

Price: £22.50

Global Herbs Airway Plus powder is great for keeping chests clear, soothing throats, maintaining normal mucus levels and normal breathing. It is slightly better for maintaining mucus at normal levels than AirwayPlus Liquid , so use the powder for long term use in the summer when it can be a more cost effective alternative than PolleneX during the higher pollen times of the year. It can also be used together with PolleneX if necessary.

AirwayPlus powder is composed of: Justicia adhatoda, solanum xanthocarpum, Eucalyptus globulus, Cedrus deodar.
Average Analysis:- Crude Ash 21%, Crude Protein 19.18%, Crude Fibre 10.50%, Crude Oils & Fats 4.51%.

Directions for Use:
Start with a small amount at first (e.g. 1 teaspoon) and increase to 2 level blue 25ml scoops twice daily per 500kg horse. (10g per 100kg bodyweight per day in the feed).

Keep at this level for 1-3 months and then reduce to a suitable maintenance level for your horse.

A 1kg tub lasts one month in an average horse.