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Stihl AL 300 Charger

STIHL AL 300 Charger

The Stihl AL 300 Battery Charger (250V mains voltage) provides quick and efficient charging and is suitable for all the batteries in the range.

Price: £70.00

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• 230 mains voltage
• Quick and efficient charging
• Suitable for use with all Stihl Lithium Ion batteries
• Operating mode indicator
• Active battery cooling

The AL 300 Battery Charger provides quick charging and is suitable for use with the AP 80, AP 115, AP 180 and AR 900 Lithium Ion batteries. It features active battery cooling, which helps to prevent the battery from becoming hot whilst charging using air to cool the battery when on charge.

The LED operating mode indicators clearly show when the charger is on and working, allowing you to see when the battery is fully charged. The AL 300 is very easy to use and provides very quick and efficient, cutting charging times when compared to those of the AL 100 charger.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage - 220-240/50V
Weight - 1.2kg
Charging time AP 80 - 50 mins
Charging time AP 115 - 55 mins
Charging time AP 180 - 70 mins
Charging time AR 900 - 250 mins