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Tomcat 2

Tomcat 2 Blox Rodent Killer

Tomcat 2 rodenticide bait sachets contains bromadiolone to kill rats and mice.

Price: £82.61

• Bait sachets
• Contains bromadiolone
• Use indoor or outdoor

This effective rodenticide comes in easy to use bait sachets. Tomcat 2 will kill rats and mice. It contains the active ingredient bromadiolone which is a second generation rodentic that will kill most rodents who are resistant to other ingredients.

This product can be used inside or outside and must be protected from prevailing weather and inaccessible to non targets such as humans, domestic animals or wildlife. Use a bait station or a length of drainpipe placed against walls etc where the rodents tend to run.

Always follow the safety instructions on the container.