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Ariat Windermere H20
Ariat Windermere H20
Ariat Windermere H20
Ariat Windermere H20
Ariat Windermere H20
Ariat Windermere H20
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Windermere Country Boots - £119.99

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Ariat Windermere H2O

Windermere Country Boots - £119.99

Windermere H20 Country boots are classic countryside waterproof and stylish.

Price: £159.98

- Four-layer footbed provides superior comfort
- Lightweight shank stabilises to add support
- Works with a variety of use-specific outsoles
- Suede leather upper
- Footbed that is suitable for riding
- Duratred outsole
- Acid resistant
- Slip resistant

Windermere H20 has the classic countryside look. The waterproof full-grain and suede leather upper make them a stylish performer in wet weather. With a stirrup-friendly footbed, slip and acid-resistant Duratread outsole and medial stretch fit panel, they are ideal for that spontaneous ride or stroll through the yard.

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