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Dengie Alfa-A
Offer Information

Dengie Alfla-A Original - £1.50 off a bale

Dengie Alfla-A Original - £1.50 off a bale

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Dengie Alfa-A Original

Dengie Alfla-A Original - £1.50 off a bale

Dengie Alfa-A Original is made using the finest quality pure Alfalfa that has been heat dried to retain goodness, creating a medium calorie forage.

Price: £14.53

o Palatable medium energy forage
o Rich in calcium - supports hooves and bones
o High in fibre for digestive health
o High quality pure alfalfa
o Heat dried to retain goodness
o Naturally contains vitamins and minerals
o Ideal feed for breeding and young stock
o Suitable for horses and ponies in medium work
o Provides additional energy for working horses
o Adds chewing time to prolong feeding - prevent boredom
o Can be fed alone with broad spectrum vitamins and minerals
o Feed with mixes and cubes to add bulk and additional calories

Alfa-A Original is the highly digestible fibre feed it can be fed alone as the sole feed for your horse but must be fed alongside a broad spectrum vitamin andmineral supplement to ensure your horse is receiving the correct balance of all essential nutrients for overall health and well-being, rich in calcium to help support bone development and promote strong healthy hoof growth. Alfa-A Original is made from pure alfalfa which has an excellent natural source of antioxidants, helping to boost your horse's natural defences and support the immune system, also high in fibre which is essential for healthy digestion, helping to keep the hind gut healthy. This palatable chaff is ideal for bulkingout mixes and cubes to extend chewing time, helping to prevent boredom and allow your horse to replicate natural feeding habits. Alfa-A Original is ideal for horses with higher energy requirements due to busy workloads, providing additional energy in the form of a forage feed. It is also good for horses and ponies that struggle to maintain weight and require extra calories, without having to feed additional cereals. Perfect for working horses and ponies, breeding stock and for additional calories to help with weight maintenance, providing essential fibre and additional nutrients for overall health. Not suitable for horses with Laminitis.

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