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N.A.F Off Extra Effect
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20% Off NAF Fly Spray

20% Off NAF Fly Spray

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20% Off NAF Fly Spray

NAF Off Extra is a fly repellent spray for equines. This fly spray will effectively protect against flies, horse fly and insect menace naturally.

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NAF Off Extra Effect is a water based fly repellent for horses and ponies. It contains the active ingredient P-Menthane3,8-diol 1% w/w.
Application should be made to horse by spraying NAF Off Extra evenly over the horses body but avoiding contact with eyes, mouth and broken skin.
A patch test should be undertaken before use of NAF Off Extra Effect as with any new product to ensure no allergic reaction.
This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986, for use as directed. HSE9265.
Equine fly repellents help to reduce the irritation the horse experiences especially during the summer months. When a horse gets hot during riding the flies are particularly attracted and fly sprays such as NAF Off Extra effect can be extremely useful.

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