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Siku John Deere 9680i Combine Harvester
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50% Off Selected Toys

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Siku John Deere 9680i Combine Harvester

50% Off Selected Toys

John Deere 9680i Combine Harvester in 1:87 Scale

Price: £19.20

The largest combine harvester produced in Europe, the John Deere 9680i is the inspiration for this 1:87 scale model. The size of the original is easy to see from the dimensions of this typical HO standard model. The vehicle is almost completely made of metal and is equipped with rotating wheels. wheel rims and tyres are to original detailing. The machine has mobile and removable cutters and is very easy to manoeuvre and ideal for play. The vehicle includes original detail lettering and is attractive for any collector's display, kids farm or model railway.

Dimensions Length 15.6cm x Width 7.5cm x Height 11.5cm

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