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Bridleway Leather Jodhpur Boot
Bridleway Leather Jodhpur Boot
Bridleway Leather Jodhpur Boot
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Footwear Clearence Sale

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Bridleway Equestrian Leather Jodhpur Boots

Footwear Clearence Sale

These Classic Leather Jodhpur Boots by Bridleway are constructed using quality leather uppers and durable, slim rubber soles.

Price: £39.95

o Leather uppers
o Durable, slim rubber soles
o Attractive double row stitching
o Comfortable inner soles
o Elastic sides
o Pull tabs

The Bridleway Equestrian Jodhpur Boots are great value for everyday riding and the attractive double row stitching making them smart enough for competition. Available in brown and black in both children and ladies sizes.

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