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Buckler Boots Buckshot
Buckler Boots Buckshot
Buckler Boots Buckshot
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10% off Buckler Boots

10% off Buckler Boots

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Buckler Safety Lace/Zipper Boot

10% off Buckler Boots

Buckshot BSH008 are waterproof safety lace and zipped boots in a dark brown crazy horse leather.

Price: £106.50

• Safety lace and zipped boots
• Crazy horse leather
• S3 HRO SRC standards
• Composite toe cap
• Non Metallic midsole
• Antistatic
• Heat 300 degrees C
• Anti slip sole
• Waterproof

The BSH008 boots are injection moulded with rubber outsoles and are certified to European S3 HRO WRU SRC standards. Offering protection styled for appearance and comfort, they are 100% non-metallic, waterproof and feature a triple stitched achilles support. These boots are suitable for use in agricultural, construction, engineering and maintenance sectors.

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