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Buckler Boots Safety S5 Buckbootz
Buckler Boots Safety S5 Buckbootz
S5 Safety Wellington Boots Black
S5 Safety Wellington Boots Black
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10% off Buckler Boots

10% off Buckler Boots

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Buckler S5 Safety Wellington Boots

10% off Buckler Boots

Safety S5 Buckboots have steel toe cap and midsole with a K3 rubber non slip sole.

Price: £111.10

• Antistatic
• Heat (300 C) Resistant Rubber Outsole
• Oil Resistant Rubber Outsole
• Steel Midsole
• Steel Toe Cap
• Sole - K3 Rubber Sole

The outstanding Safety S5 wellington are safety neoprene and rubber waterproof boots which feature a structured Aerospace honeycomb breathable linings and detachable cushion insoles with a distinctive safety side flash and a hi-viz lining which rolls down for extra safety.

To add to its already extensive EN standards credentials, we've added Cold Insulation certification (CI) which means that they operate with comfort to temperatures of -17°C ( 2°C) for minimum periods of 30 minutes..

Cleated lightweight rubber outsoles which are slip resistant certified to the maximum SRC standard ensure that safety and comfort is never a compromise.

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