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Red Gorilla Teenie Tidee
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10% off Red Gorilla Tidee Sets

10% off Red Gorilla Tidee Sets

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Red Gorilla Teenie Tidee and Short Rake

10% off Red Gorilla Tidee Sets

The Red Gorilla Teenie Tidee and Rake is a handy little tool, perfect for jobs around the garden, yard and paddock.

Price: £17.95

• Compact design
• Lightweight and easy to use
• Weather-resistant materials
• Short rake supplied
• Perfect for mucking out
• Ideal for collecting leaves
• Excellent on arena surfaces
• Perfect for keeping in the lorry
• Available in a range of fun colours.

The Teenie Tidee is the smallest in our Tidee Range and is now available with a short Traditional Rake. Our short Traditional Rake is the perfect tool for mucking out the stable, trailer and your yard. The Teenie Tidee is weather-resistant and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around and muck out in all types of weather. Its compact small size makes this Tidee easy for storage.

Width: 36cm
Length: 30cm
Height: 53cm

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