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White Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus
White Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus
White Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus
White Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus
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10% off Gallagher Products

10% off Gallagher Products

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Gallagher Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus

10% off Gallagher Products

Gallagher Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus comes in a 200m or 400m roll and is stronger than traditional polywire.

Price: £49.49

• Easily visible
• Does not twist or kink when wound
• Ideal for portable fences
• Mixed metal conductive wires
• 200m or 400m roll
• Available in white or Terra

This is very strong electric fence line. The Vidoflex 9 Turboline is ideal for long portable electric fences. When wound onto reels it will not twist or kink. There are mixed metal conductive wires running through the line which carries the electrical pulse 40 times better than standard PowerLine wire. The line is easily visible and long lasting. It is recommended by Gallagher that TurboLine products are always used for fences more than 500m. Terra has integrated lightning protection.
Available in 200m or 400m roll.

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