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Gallagher S16 Solar Fence Energiser
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10% off Gallagher Products

10% off Gallagher Products

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Gallagher S16 Solar Fence Energiser

10% off Gallagher Products

The Gallagher S16 Solar Fence Energiser includes the battery, ideal for short fences up to 1.5km long.

Price: £209.00

• Solar energiser
• Includes rechargeable battery
• Suitable for short fences
• Works for up to 3 weeks without sun
• Capable of power throughout harsh winters
• Super tough and waterproof casing
• Quick and easy to install
• Built-in lightning protection
• Can be registered for 7 year warranty

The S16 is the ultimate portable energiser solution, storing 0.16 J and capable of powering up to 1 mile/1,5km or 0.5 hectare of Multi-wire fence. The energiser comes complete with a rechargeable battery and solar panel. The S16 is quick and easy to install and convenient to transport. This robust and highly portable unit makes a great alternative to battery-powered systems.

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