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NAF Warming Wash
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15% off Horse Shampoos - Get Ready for Spring!

15% off Horse Shampoos - Get Ready for Spring!

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NAF Warming Wash

15% off Horse Shampoos - Get Ready for Spring!

NAF Warming Wash is a no rinse wash for your horse with added ginger and clary sage to warm and cleanse.

Price: £9.53

• No rinse wash
• Added ginger and clary sage
• Cleans and warms the skin
• No soap or detergents
• Soothing and relaxing
• Ideal for use in winter

Wash sweat and winter grime right out of your horse's hair with this no rinse body wash containing Ginger and Clary Sage to warm and cleanse your horse after exercise on cold winter days. It's good to know there's no soap, detergents or thickening agents hiding in the formula so it's really gentle and very easy to use, just a couple of capfuls in a bucket of warm water and away you go. Sweat and dirt are lifted with ease and the subtle warming fragrance is both soothing and relaxing. The result is a happy horse who smells good too. Prepare to be
Directions for use:

Add just a couple of capfuls of Warming Wash to 5 litres of warm water and use to wash down hot, sweaty or muddy horses. Remove excess with a sweat scraper and leave to dry. This low foam formulation does not need to be rinsed off.

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