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Bruder Tipping Trailer
Bruder Tipping Trailer
Tipping trailer
Tipping trailer
Tipping trailer
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15% off ALL full priced Bruder Toys

15% off ALL full priced Bruder Toys

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Bruder Tipping Trailer

15% off ALL full priced Bruder Toys

Tipping Trailer Toy by Bruder. 1:16 scale. Suitable for ages 3+.

Price: £16.92

Small, easy to manoeuvre trailers are used for minor transporting tasks in the construction, farming, and forest industry. These trailers are usually pulled by different vehicles such as small tractors, Unimogs, light lorries, etc..

This is why our Tipping trailer is the perfect match to our BRUDER tractors, the MB Unimog, and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

The 3 fold-down boards, the tiltable stake body, as well as the fold out sustainer give the player much to do and make this toy fun to use.

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