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All Sport Boots
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25% Off Equilibrium Products

25% Off Equilibrium Products

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Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sports Boots

25% Off Equilibrium Products

The Tri-Zone All Sport Boots are super breathable and protective brushing boots, ideal for a wide range of disciplines.

Price: £47.94

• The perfect all-rounder
• Super lightweight - will float on water
• Tough and flexible TPU tendon guard
• Impact absorbing layer of EVA mesh
• Soft quilted inner liner
• Perforated layers to allow the leg to breathe
• Prevents the tendons from over heating
• Handy grip tabs for quick removal
• Suitable for front and hind use

Equilibrium All Sports Boots are great all-round boot. Very light and breathable. Fully tested in the laboratory and field trials. Incorporates the new Airlite triple layer system. Designed to be worn on front or hind leg as required. Protective inner polycarbonate layer over the tendons.

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