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Tubtrugs Tubtops
Tubtrugs Tubtops
Tubtrugs Tubtops
Red Gorilla Tubtops
Red Gorilla Tubtops
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10% Off Red Gorilla Products

10% Off Red Gorilla Products

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Red Gorilla Tubtops

10% Off Red Gorilla Products

Tubtops are ideal covers for TubTrugs to keep the contents dry and clean and they also make them stackable.

Price: From £3.84

• Translucent lid
• Small and Medium flat lid
• Large is a folding lid

Tubtops are great for covering your TubTrug making the trugs stackable and keeping the contents from being contaminated.
The small and medium size are flat lids but the large size folds in half to allow access to the contents of the trug.
The tubtops fit neatly around the handles to keep them in place and being translucent you can see inside at the contents.

Small 34cm diameter
Medium 41cm diameter
Large 46cm diameter.

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