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XDI Screw-in Insulator
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Gallagher electric fencing promotion 15% Off

Gallagher Electric Fencing Promotion 15% Off

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Gallagher XDI Screw-in Insulator

Gallagher electric fencing promotion 15% Off

The Gallagher XDI Screw-in Insulator is robust with a metal core, suitable for polywire electric fencing and used with wooden fence posts.

Price: From £13.28

• Robust screw-in design
• Use with wooden fence posts
• Suitable for use with plastic wire//cord
• No risk or short circuit
• Orange wear indicator
• Extra sharp point for easy install
• 10 year product warranty
• Suitable for use with horses, cattle, sheep, deer and goats

A robust ring insulator for fitting plastic wire/cord to wooden posts. Cleverly designed to guarantee no shorts and features a handy orange wear indicator to show when the insulator should be replaced. This insulator is easy to secure to posts with its extra sharp point.

Comes with a 10-year warranty period.

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