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PowerPack Battery 9V
PowerPack Battery 9V
Gallagher Power Pack Battery 9V 120Ah
Gallagher Power Pack Battery 9V 160Ah
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Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Electric Fencing Promotion

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Gallagher PowerPack Battery 9V

Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Powerpack Battery 9V/Ah is suitable for use with battery powered energizers for your electric fence.

Price: From £26.08

• Alkaline battery
• Better performance than Air Oxygen battery
• Sealed unit no maintenance

This PowerPack Battery is suitable for powering your 9V energiser to run your electric fence. It is an alkaline battery that is sealed and needs no maintenance. This type of battery performs 30% better than Air Oxygen batteries. To prolong the life of this battery the vents can be closed. Store the wires in the grooves on the lid.

Suitable for use with horses, cattle and sheep.

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