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PowerLine Tape 20mm
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Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Electric Fencing Promotion

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Gallagher PowerLine Tape 20mm

Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher PowerLine Tape 20mm is an ideal tape for all types of animals as it is easily visible.

Price: £48.29

• Easily visible
• 20mm thick
• Available in 200m roll
• Reinforced edges
• Ideal for semi-permanent electric fencing
• 5 stainless steel and 1 mixed metal wire
• Post spacing 5m

The PowerLine Tape is highly visible and has reinforced edges for durability and strength. There are 5 stainless steel and 1 mixed metal wire running through the tape which gives good conductivity.

PowerLine Tape is ideal for use on semi-permanent electric fences and the post spacing should be up to 5m.

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