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Electric Netting
Electric Netting
Gallagher Poultry Netting
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Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Electric Fencing Promotion

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Gallagher Netting

Gallagher electric fencing promotion

Gallagher Electric Netting is a very useful portable fencing for keeping stock secure, it can be used for sheep, lambs, goats, poultry or rabbits.

Price: From £102.60

• Length 50m
• Various heights to suit the different stock
• 15 single spikes
• Easy to connect nets together
• High quality netting
• Ideal for use when pasture is bordered by ditches

Gallagher Electric Netting is easy to erect and has 15 single spikes installed into the netting. Several rolls can be added together easily if required. The netting is high quality and has good conductivity through the horizontal stainless steel wires.
Available in different heights to suit the animals it is retaining. Suitable for Sheep with lambs especially for newborn lambs to give extra security particularly if the field is bordered by ditches. It is ideal for use with poultry when the fence needs to be moved frequently.
Goat netting is 106cm high.
Poultry netting is 112cm high.
Rabbit netting is 65cm.
Sheep netting is 90cm high.

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