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Magnetic Boot Wraps Premier Equine

Premier Equine Magni-Teque Magnetic Boot Wraps

These Magnetic boots wraps from Premier Equine are constructed from breathable neoprene. They have soft cotton removable liners to prevent rubbing.

Price: £59.99

These boots are constructed from proven breathable neoprene.
Main features are:-
Soft cotton liners with Bi-Polar magnets sewn in to face the treatment areas.
Magnetic liner is designed to be placed in the bot in different positions so you can treat the exact areas needed. Treats tendons, shin and fetlock areas. Improve circulation and help to flush away toxins. Reduces inflammation, pain and enhances healing. Thought to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Suggested usage:
Use half an hour to one hour a day for the first week and gradually build up to maximum 4 hours a day after 2 weeks. Recommended optimum treatment within 4 hours although boots can be left on longer if so desired. Not recommended to leave on for longer than 12 hours.
Magnetic liners should be removed and washed by hand in a cool wash with mild soap.
Rinse thoroughly and dry naturally.