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There are various pests that can affect us at home and the yard, all year round especially in the winter months but also spring and summer. Rats and mice can be a particular problem around feed at stables, especially when natural sources of food are not so easily available. Another pest problem which comes as the warm weather arrives in the summer is flies. Flies are not only bothersome but can spread nasty germs too; for hygiene and cleanliness as well as more pleasant days at the yard, use pest control to manage flies.
For rats and mice, traps and rat boxes can be a substance free way to control the infestation and limit any effects they may have to feed and property. Fly and insect traps for outside use, work by enticing the flies to the trap where they get stuck, eliminating hundreds of unwanted flies. The traps target the female fly and so help to stop the breeding cycle.


Category: Traps

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Sorex Rat Box
Redtop Fly Trap
Disposable Fly Trap

Sorexa Rat Box

RedTops Fly Trap

STV Baited Fly Trap





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