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When out on a hack you and your horse may be exposed to all sorts of adverse weathers conditions, from wind or rain to very cold winter temperatures. We always try to be wrapped up in preparation for any mixture of these weather conditions and sometimes our horses may need a little extra protection too. Horses are often clipped during winter so using an exercise sheet will provide a little extra warmth and protection.
Waterproof exercise sheets will stop your horse from getting so wet if you get caught in a rain shower. The Rambo Newmarket fleece exercise sheets look great whilst providing warmth on cold days; high wicking properties allow the rug to remove sweat and moisture from your horse too. Exercise sheets such as the Rambo waterproof exercise sheet have reflective strips either side making you more visible to drivers when out on the roads.


Category: Exercise Sheets

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Horseware Rambo Newmarket Competition Fleece
Weatherbeeta 1200D Excercise Sheet

Rambo Newmarket Competition Fleece

Weatherbeeta 1200D Exercise Sheet


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