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Keeping your horse occupied whilst stabled is difficult because in nature horses are always roaming around to find their forage. When they are cooped up in a stable for long periods they become bored and stressed. Horse Stable toys will help to keep them occupied. Filled with their normal ration they will be kept busy and slow down their eating rate. They are ideal for overweight horses and ponies on limited rations and for those that bolt their food. Kicking them around the stable also has an added benefit, as horses need to move about to keep the blood supply in their legs moving as it is the process of stepping that forces the blood back up the legs, if they are standing for long periods their legs may become filled. Stable toys will also help to avoid a horse getting vices such as cribbing and weaving as these vices develop often through boredom.


Category: Stable Toys

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Likit Snack a Ball horse toy
Westgate Likit Boredom Breakers

Likit Snak-a-Ball

Likit Boredom Breakers



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