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Horses often have to be stabled for long periods due to illness or bad weather conditions. Keeping them from boredom will help to avoid stress or stable vices, for example weaving. Horse balls are great entertainment made from very strong material, allowing your horse to kick them around. This movement has the added benefit of helping to stop your horse's legs from filling. A horse has a fairly poor circulation to his legs; the pumping action of his foot hitting the ground ensures the blood supply returns from the limbs. If he is standing in the stable his circulation slows and the swelling occurs. Fill with nuts or treats a horse ball will keep him busy for ages playing. Horse balls can be used in the stable or field to kick around and have an easy grab handle, foals particularly enjoy these and will toss them around for entertainment.


Category: Horse Balls

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Jolly Ball For Horses
Jenkinsons Decahedral Balls

Horsemen's Pride Jolly Ball for Horses

Jenkinsons Decahedral Ball


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