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We all love to see our horses looking clean and tidy and at their best, whether we are a leisure rider or serious competition goer. For a tidy mane and tail we would require a horse comb. The traditional horse comb is made from durable metal and is often great for removing knots and tangles or even for mane or tail pulling.
On the market today you can purchase many different combs. Anything from plastic ones of different colours such as the simple Lincoln mane comb or Roma Soft grip comb, which is comfortable to hold whilst efficiently removing knots and it, matches the rest of your grooming kit too! Shedding blades are great for removing loose coat. The Lincoln Ultimate groomer also removes loose coat and dirt and has many qualities, including promoting circulation and hair growth, healthy skin and coat and is easy and quick to use.


Category: Horse Combs

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Lincoln Ultimate Groomer
Cottage Craft Aluminium Thinning Comb

Lincoln The Ultimate Groomer

Cottage Craft A Thinning Comb




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