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One way to keep flies off your horses is to use fly sprays. They work by discouraging the fly from wanting to land on your horse; with the use of strong off putting smells like Citronella or DEET. When applied liberally all over your horse (avoiding eyes, nose and mouth) are long lasting for turnout, stable or use when riding.
Sprays are quick and easy to apply and cover your whole horse in just a few minutes. Some fly sprays are herbal based and Citronella and DEET free, such as Fly Away (citronella free) fly repellent (HSE Approved), for horses that are sensitive to those substances. They can also include skin moisturisers such as avocado, as in Barrier Super Plus fly repellent, which contains vitamins A, E and D, great for healthy skin and a shiny coat! Always test on a small area before use.


Category: Horse Fly Sprays

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NAFF OFF Citronella Spray
NAF Off Deet Power

NAF OFF Citronella Spray

NAF OFF Deet Power



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