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Some Horses or Ponies are more sensitive to fly bites and/or are in high fly density areas; such as near running water, streams etc, where the warmth in spring and summer combined with the moist atmosphere make a great breeding ground for Flies and Midges. In such situations you will want to provide your horse with some relief, fly lotions can be long lasting and soothing for any fly bites they may already have.
Fly Lotions such as Coopers Fly Repellent Plus contain effective fly repellents, Citronella and a topical insecticide and not only deter flies and midges but also kills them on contact too. Lotions often have soothing properties, for those already suffering with irritations from flies. Things such as Canolin and Glycerin are contained in Net-Tex summer fly cream, which help keep skin supple and healthy. They are great for use when out riding, during turnout or even stabling as an extra precaution.


Category: Horse Fly Lotions

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Net-Tex Equine Summer Fly Cream
Gold Label Itchgon

Nettex Equine Summer Fly Cream

Gold Label Itchgon Lotion




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