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Horses have a complicated respiratory system to circulate the air around their internal organs. They breathe only through their nostrils not their mouth. The horse's nostrils and airways are lined with hairs to prevent debris from going in, and mucous membranes that act in a certain way to push small particles up and out of the passages; these are the horse's natural defences to protect his lungs. A horse will blow, snort and cough to force out these particles.
Stabling horses increases the risk of lung irritation.. The main culprits are allergens to dust, mould, mites, pollen and other airborne particles, hay and straw are the most common sources. When these particles are inhaled by the horse the lining cells try to push them out, producing mucous, and these can become inflamed and narrow making breathing more difficult. COPD is an extreme airway condition; it can also be called ‘heaves' or ‘broken wind'. It is often termed as equine asthma as the symptoms are similar to human asthma and breathing supplements can be used to reduce the risk and soothe the lung irritation.
Supplements for horses breathing are mainly made from a blend of herbs and spices which are known to be beneficial and are safe and gentle, Garlic is one that has long been used to support a healthy respiratory system.


Category: Breathing Supplements

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