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The first thing that needs to be done when treating minor wounds and certain skin complaints and diseases on your horse, is to keep the area clean and free from harmful bacteria. This will help to stop infection or spread of any diseases and ultimately support the healing process. This requires good hygiene practice and surgical shampoos offer just that.
You can use them to wash and sanitise hands and in the case of the IV Horse Multi wash, can also use them to clean yard equipment too, buckets etc. Surgical shampoos and washes are antifungal and bactericidal; they are for use around minor wounds to help remove dirt and bacteria that pose a risk of infection for your horse. Hibiscrub and Net-Tex Surgical Shampoo can be ideal for use on skin complaints such as Mud fever, dilute (as per instructions) with warm water and use to soften and remove unwanted scabs.


Category: Horse Surgical Shampoos

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Net-tex Veterinary Surgical Scrub

HiBiSCRUB Antimicrobial Cleanser

Nettex Veterinary Surgical Scrub Equine


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