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Breyer Winner's Circle Awards Set

Breyer Winner's Circle Awards Set

Breyer Traditional Range Accessories for use with Breyer Traditional Horse Models.

Price: £8.45

Everyone is a winner with Breyer's Winner's Circle Accessory Set. Includes a blanket for the racehorse, a rose sash for the jumper, a trophy for the reigning champion and first, second and third place ribbons. There's even a special winner's jacket for the rider!

Horse and Rider not included.

Breyer® has created a wide and varied range of accessories to complement the Traditional horses, all of which are made to the same 1:9 scale. Products available include beautifully made pine barns, a popular horse trailer with matching Dually truck, several riders and other dolls and an impressive array of tack, blankets and stable accessories. There are products to appeal to all owners of Traditional horses and to all pockets.