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Keeping a horses paddock free from poisonous weeds is very important as Ragwort in particular can have fatal consequences if eaten by horses and other grazing animals. It should be safely disposed of to reduce the risk of it spreading and contaminating fields especially if those fields are being cultivated for fodder. Rag forks are a good way to dig up the complete plant and it is important to wear gloves to protect you from the toxins and then disposed of safely. Another way to eradicate Ragwort is to treat your horses paddock with a specific Weed killer (keeping horses off the land for the stated period). Other pests that need to be controlled around horses are mice and rats who are tempted by feed. A good way to lay bait around a stable or feed room is to use a rat box; this keeps the bait safely away from other non-target animals. Horses suffer in the summer from flies and midges, Fly traps are particularly good for keeping the fly nuisance down, they collect female flies so breaking the breeding cycle.


Category: Pest and Weed Control

Disposable Fly Trap
Westgate Waspinator

STV Baited Fly Trap

Westgate Waspinator